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sábado, enero 16, 2010

Cuban Peace Movement Expresses Sorrow at Haitians' Situation

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 15 (acn) The Cuban People’s Movement for Peace and Sovereignty (Movpaz)
issued a statement on Thursday expressing its deep sorrow for the victims of the earthquake that recently shook the sister Republic of Haiti.
The movement addressed all nations of the world, social organizations and political forces in a call to help relieve the pain of the Haitian people.
The text quotes Jose Marti’s words: “Homeland is Humanity” and reaffirms that preserving peace by helping other peoples is a commitment undertaken by the organization to help the Haitian people and “share what we have to help relieve the devastating pain.”
“We beg you to extend our grief and consternation to each Haitian family in any site of the world,” reads the statement.


Manifiesta Movimiento Cubano por la Paz pesar por situación en Haití

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